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whether the shutdown software will destroy my computer or not?


Most computers (except servers) can be shut down at night, on weekends, and during the day if they are not used for several hours.

There are still prevailing myths about computers that might prevent people from being willing to change these behaviors. Switching computers on and off used to be a problem in the very early days of computers, but this is no longer the case. On the contrary, some literature suggests that leaving the computer on will actually shorten the computer's lifetime.

The following statement is taken from:"User Guide to Power Management for PCs and Monitors", Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1997

"The belief that frequent shutdowns [of PCs] are harmful persists from the days when hard disks did not automatically park their heads when shut off; frequent on-off cycling could damage such hard disks. Conventional wisdom, however, has not kept pace with the rapid technological change in the computer industry. Modern hard disks are not significantly affected by frequent shut-downs

Shutting down computers at night and on weekends saves significant energy without affecting the performance. Power-managed equipment also may actually last longer than conventional products. Because most such equipment will spend a large portion of time in a low-power sleep mode, mechanical wear on disk drives and heat stress on other components can be reduced."


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