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Recover deleted messages in Outlook Express

How to recover deleted messages in Outlook Express.

How to recover deleted messages in Outlook Express?
If you deleted some important messages or empty your deleted mail folder, please don't worry until you compact your mail folders or put new messages to the mail folders.
Outlook Express does not immediately delete deleted messages from its mail folder. It keeps them for a while, depending on mail file size, number of new messages and folder compacting. Usually when Outlook Express compacts a folder, it deletes deleted messages entirely.

We understand the value of messages for you, so we developed the utility Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert to help your recovery for deleted messages. We improve it every week and hope it can be the one of best solutions for Recovering Outlook Express.

When you didn't compact your mail folder and you want recover your deleted messages, please to try Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert. It can help you recover deleted messages in Outlook Express as much as possible. You can download the excellent utility in here:(Download Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert)

Then please follow these steps to recover your deleted messages in Outlook Express:

!. Please download and install the Recover utility Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert in your computer.

2. Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert will automatically scan and determine the current Outlook Express store folder and display them on left panel same as your outlook express. You can click or select any mail folder and AOEME will display the messages stored in it on right pane.

3. Please click or select the mail folder including the deleted messages, then click "Recover" button on toolbar. AOEME will recover it as much as possible. The time of recover process depends on the file size and computer power. So we advise you close other programs when AOEME is recovering your mail folder. Because we use the "segment scan" technique in our software, so it can recover every messages as much as possible, even included your deleted messages.

Notes: Please make sure you didn't use compact function of Outlook Express after you deleted the messages. Because Outlook Express will totally destroy the data of deleted messages in compact process.

4. You will see the deleted messages in right list, you can double click the messages for viewing. unfortunately Outlook Express random delete or destroy the character in the deleted messages, so sometimes you can't get complete information from deleted messages. In most situations, AOEME can recover most deleted messages. If you already recover the deleted messages you need, please save the recovered messages and transfer these messages to your Outlook Express. Just select these messages, then click "Extract Selected" button in toolbar and select a directory in your disk, then AOEME will quickly save the messages for you.

5. Please Open the directory stored the recovered messages in Windows Explorer. Then select the messages you want to move using Shift and cursor buttons on the keyboard or Ctrl and mouse buttons . Use your mouse to drag the selected messages to the required Outlook Express folder. When moving a few messages at once, it is recommended to have Outlook Express on left part of screen, and Windows Explorer on right part of it. When you dropped these messages to the mail folder in Outlook Express, you will find you get all recovered messages come back to your mail folder.

These actions can help you easily recover your deleted messages in Outlook Express folder, if you have any problem ,please feel free to contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.

If the Outlook Express .dbx file is stored in the folder which isn't the  current Outlook Express store folder, you must specify its location in the program by clicking the Open Archive button on toolbar. If you use several identities in your computer, please to select the location of .dbx file by clicking the Open Archive button.

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Released: September 23th, 2004
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Platforms: Windows XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000

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