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Turn off computer

How to automatically turn off your computer.

How to automatically turn off your computer.?
Do you download music or files every evening? Do you want 
automatically turn off or shut down your computer on planned time.  Do you want reduce the radiation when you are sleeping? If you want  protect your computer and save power for your desktop or laptop, that means you have to turn off your computer every day. But the computer system often can't properly shutdown or turn off. Some problems cause the system to idle.  For example, virus or some programs can make the system halt.

We understand the value of computer for you, so we developed the utility Accurate Shutdown to help your turn off, restart your computer. We improve it every week and hope it can be the one of best solutions for shutdown computer.

When you found you want automatically turn off your computer every day, lets to try Accurate Shutdown. It can help you turn off computer as required. You can download the utility in here:(Download Accurate Shutdown)

Then please follow these steps to set up your shutdown process:

!. Please download and install the utility Accurate Shutdown in your computer.

2. Run Accurate Shutdown, The initial interface will appear in the center of the screen and you can see its tray icon at tray. After the software has been loaded, its setting interface appears in the center of the screen as below.


3. Please choose your time setting. Here is four options. (1) Execute at: When it is selected and the hour and minute have been entered, tasks will be executed automatically at the specified time. If the date is also filled in, the task will be executed automatically only at the specified time on that day. If Everyday is selected, tasks will be executed automatically every day at the specified time. (2) Execute after: When this option is selected and the hour and minute have been filled in, tasks will be executed after XX hour(s) XX minute(s) when you click the Start button. (3) Execute after System idle: When it is selected the hour and minute have been filled in, tasks will be executed after system idle excedding XX hour(s) XX minute(s) when you click on the Start button. (4) Execute immediately when running ASD : This option can only be selected together with the second or third option. When selected, ASD will execute immediately using the last parameters you set.In most situation, you just need choose the second or the third option for turning off you computer at required time.

4. Then please choose your action setting. For you convenience, Accurate Shutdown provide 10 actions. These actions included  (1) Turn Off PC: Shuts down and powers off the computer.  (2) Restart PC : Restarts the computer. (3). Log Off : Logs off the current user. (4) Lock PC: Locks the computer. (When choose Lock PC. You will be asked to enter an UnLock Password.) (5) StandBy : Puts the computer on standby. (6) Hibernate : Puts your computer in hibernation. (7) Turn Off Monitor: Turns off the monitor. (8) Disconnect Internet: Disconnects the computer from the Internet. Accurate Shutdown supports Internet connections using dial-up modem, ADSL, ISDN etc.(9)  Open URL: You can input a website address or a URL for opening at the the pre-defined time. (Note: When the set time arrives, your computer must be online.) (10) Open Program or File: You can choose a program of your computer for running at the the pre-defined time.

You can choose a action to meet your requirement. For your convenience, we also provide Countdown prompt and sound option as below:

You can Select it and fills in a number from 1 to 60, and you will see a countdown prompt before your task is executed as below.


5.If you need more options, please click "Click here to Advanced Model". Then Accurate Shutdown will display the Advanced Model for you as below:

The Advanced Model will help you turn off/ Shutdown your computer better and more accurate.

Auto run at startup: This option enables the program to be loaded with Operating System at startup.

The two additional options of Auto run at startup are keeping the computer unavailable for a specified time period. During this time period, if the computer is turned on, it will be turned off automatically. These two selections can only be selected together with Auto run at startup.

   The computer can't be turned on in __ hours __minutes after it has been powered off by ASD: It will prevent your computer from being turned on for the specified period of time you set after it is turned off by ASD.

   The computer can't be turned on from __:__ to __:__(HH:mm): It will prevent your computer from being turned on for the specified period of time.

Restrict Internet Connection from __:__ to __:__ : This option restricts internet connection during the specified time period.

Restrict modification of system time: Some unauthorized users will modify system time to around the predefine settings. This option restrict them to do this.

Auto hide tray icon, press 'Ctrl+F11' to restore: This option makes the software auto-hide itself (loading interface and tray icon) when it be loaded. You can use hotkey 'Ctrl + F11' to restore.

Disable Ctrl+Del+Alt: This option disables Windows task manager, and prevent other users using this hot key for stop the program.

Record IE history : If this option is checked, the software will trace Internet Explorer and file navigation, record their operation history and save that as a log file. Click on 'View Log' to view the log.

Restrict Programs: This option will restrict programs specified by you. Using 'Edit List' button to manage the list.

These actions and options can help you easily and automatically turn off , shutdown or control your computer, if you have any problem ,please feel free to contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.


Download Accurate Shutdown                    

Download the latest version of Accurate Shutdown and try the top-rated tool yourself! Please note the trial version is limited to only using 7 days.

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Platforms: Windows XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000

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