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How to collect and sync messages of Outlook Express in local network?

How to collect and sync messages of Outlook Express in local network?
Today, more and more companies use Email as a major communicate method in their business. For data safety and business secret, companies want to collect and manage their business email stored in their employees' computers. But it is a difficult and  cost-time job. So we are glad to introduce our software Outlook Express Sync in here. You can easily collect and sync messages from other computers via Outlook Express Sync. In our test, To collect 20 outlook express mail folders stored different computers just need 9 minutes!

The excellent solution is your best choice for managing business email data. Just a few click s and minutes, every message will be automatically transfer to your center computer or server.


How to use Outlook Express Sync messages between different computers?

Please launch Outlook Express Sync,it will show a window like this:


Please click "New" to create a task. The Outlook Express Sync Wizard will help you to create the task for sync mail folder as below.


In here, The Outlook Express Sync Wizard will help you to start the messages synchronization from Outlook Express.

   Just click "Next", then the wizard will ask you the location of the source .dbx file. Please click "Browse" to choose a .dbx file as below.


Just choose a source .dbx file in another computer. For example, choose the "inbox.dbx" file as below.

Please click "open" and make sure you have appropriate permissions to access the file, then click "Next".

Then please choose the destination folder in your current Outlook Express and click "Next" as below.

The Outlook Express Sync Wizard will automatically scan and compare these two Outlook Express files. When the Outlook Express Sync Wizard collected information, you can click "Next" as below.

The Outlook Express Sync Wizard already get information and setting for the task. You can click "Start again" to set another task, or click "Finish" to quit the Outlook Express Sync Wizard.

If you want launch the task, please choose the task and click " Start Selected". If you want launch all tasks, please click " Start All".


Then the Outlook Express Sync Wizard will start to prepare messages for transfer. When it is ready, it will start the transfer process. If the destination mail folder is a local folder in your Outlook Express, OESync will automatically transfer and import messages to the destination mail folder.

So you can just launch Outlook Express Sync and click "Start All" to run all tasks every afternoon or evening, Outlook Express Sync will automatically collect and transfer email from other computers in your company. Then you can manage and analyze these important messages for safety.


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Download the latest version of Outlook Express SYnc and try the top-rated tool yourself! Please note the trial version is limited to only using 7 days.

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Platforms: Windows XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000

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