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How to Convert and burn Divx files to DVD?

Divx is a Movie Encoded with DivX-codec file format. Divx is a common format for video data on the PC.

Do you have a lot of Divx files? Do you want to save them in a DVD as a backup? You can use Super DVD Creator to do the task in a few clicks right Now!

Divx files are very popular on internet. You maybe have a lot of these video files, To convert and burn these Divx files in a DVD is a very good idea for saving you hard disk space. Please Open your Super DVD Creator and fellow these steps:

1.  Please click "Video Disk Creator" on left Panel as below:

2. Please Choose "DVD" format and click "Ok" as below:

or if you want to convert the files to SVCD or VCD file format, please choose SVCD or VCD.

3. Then you will see the Create Center as below:

4. Please click the "Add file" Icon to add a Divx file to your DVD as below:

5. If you don't like the Divx file, please choose the clip, then click the "Delete the clip" to delete the file form your file list as below:

6. if you want to adjust the sequence of the Divx files, please choose a file and click "Move up" or "Move down" button to adjust.

7. When all Divx files are ready, please click "Convert and Burn" button as below:

Then Super DVD Creator will automatically convert all Divx files in the file list to the DVD file format, and burn them in a DVD. Super DVD Creator will finish the convert and burn task in a few minutes.

Super DVD Creator will do everything for you, you just need pick up the perfect DVD from your DVD-Writer. It is so simple, isn't it?

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Notes: Super DVD Creator is a joint product with AccurateSolutions and Mastersoft, AccurateSolutions provide technique support and customers service for all customers, if you have any problem or suggestion about Super DVD creator, please feel free to drop a mail to us(, we will provide a response in 48 hours.



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