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Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert is an excellent tool for Ms Outlook Express. It helps you recover, repair or backup your email when necessary.

How to use Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert?

If a mailbox in Outlook Express  is corrupted or you cannot operate the corresponding mail folder in Outlook Express, or you want extract some valued mails from Outlook Express as backups or documents,  then please use Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert to repair or extract the dbx file and recover your messages from it. The recovered messages are saved as .eml files that can be easily imported back to Outlook Express or viewed.

The necessary steps for recovering messages from Outlook Express:

First step - Choose a mailbox folder in current Outlook Express or enter the location of a source file .

For your convenience, Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert(AOEME) will automatically find you all mailbox file in your current Outlook Express. So you just need to choose your favored mailbox.

Choose a mailbox

If you want to open a individual mailbox (.dbx) file in your computer, Please click "Open Archive" in Toolbar as below:

When you choose a mailbox, AOEME will automatically analyze and repair your mails in the mailbox as below:

Second step: After AOEME successfully finished the analyzing and repairing process, If you want search or preview your mails.

If you want search some special mails, please click "Search Mail" in Toolbar as below:

Then you can input requirements in the Search Dialog as below:


It's so easy, isn't it? AOEME will help you find any  mail your require.


If you want view the detail of any mail before you save it, please choose the mail, then  click "View" in Toolbar as below:

So you can view the detail of the mail as well as in Outlook Express.

Note: The function requires you installed Outlook Express 5/5.5/6 in your computer.


Third step: Save the recovered messages.

If you want to save all recovered messages, please click "Extract All" in Toolbar as below:

If you just want to save some recovered messages, please choose these special messages, then click "Extract Selected" in Toolbar as below:

Next, please browse and select the directory for saving these messages as below:

Then click "Ok", AOEME will automatically save messages for your convenience.

Do you know that AOEME uses a high power algorithm? In our test, save all 35,000 messages from a 2GB mailbox, just need 2 minutes! Actually It just need a few seconds to save messages in most situations.


If you want Move these recovered messages to Outlook Express.

First step - open your Outlook Express.

Second step - select the messages you want to move using Ctrl and mouse buttons or Shift and cursor buttons on the keyboard.

Third step - use your mouse to drag the selected messages to the required Outlook Express folder. 

When moving a few messages at once, it is recommended to have Outlook Express on left part of screen, and Windows Explorer on right part of it.

Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert feature highlights:
Support to recover, backup or extract Outlook Express 5/6 dbx files.
Support to search/filter any mail required by user.
Support to recover dbx files on corrupted medias, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CDROMs, etc.
Support to repair a batch of dbx files.
Support to scan  dbx files automatically.


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Download the latest version of Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert and try the top-rated tool yourself! Please note the trial version is limited to only extract 5 emails.

Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert  New
Released: Jan 15th, 2005
Size: 1200 KB
Platforms: Windows XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000

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